What To Expect From Your Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator
22 Oct 2015

What To Expect From Your Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator

What should we expect from our wedding planner and wedding coordinator?  A question a lot of couples ask themselves everyday. Everyone has their own interpretation of a wedding planner. I can go on and on for hours explaining the importance of a wedding planner/wedding coordinator.

As a wedding planner/coordinator, I offer experience, professional resources, and most importantly, my time to busy couples. Many engaged couples simply don’t have enough free hours in a day to plan their own weddings. Even if they do have time, many couples prefer to leave planning of such an important event to a professional. My first priority as a wedding planner is to satisfy the wishes of the brides and groom. While being fairly new to the industry, my sparking creativity and fresh, bold thinking will result in an effective and beneficial event.I will handle the entire thing, from the broadcast strokes to the tiniest details.

Once engaged, many couples are bombarded with dozens of questions! However, most couples prefer enjoy their time as an engaged couple rather than getting tied down with the stressful meetings, emails and of course the 100’s of detail.

Before I start talking about why having a wedding planner is important, I really have to say a wedding planner is definitely not for everyone. I believe that if a couple has time to plan there wedding, then they should definitely plan their wedding. The couple should be able to experience the fun planning process. Yes, it does get stressful, but then again that’s the fun part of the wedding preps! You have to deal with guest lists, picking out the invites, color pallets, themes, vendor choices, contracts, favors, venues, hotel accommodations, decor, food and so much more. When it comes together, it’s all worth it. These couples might not need a wedding planner but they can use a wedding coordinator. They spend thousands on the wedding and I strongly think they need someone to be there on the day of to make sure it all comes together and all the money they spent is worth it at the end.The ‘Day Of Coordinator”  actually starts working with the couple a month before the wedding.

For example;

  1. I would meet with the couple before hand to learn about them and the wedding. Getting to know their needs and wants would be my first priority.
  2. Any major details that I would need to execute on the big day.
  3. A site visit with the couple to take pictures and listen to where the couple would want certain things.
  4. A meeting to just discuss the day of itinerary. The itinerary is not perfect on the very first try, its edited a couple of times. I then send it out to all the parties/vendors participating in the wedding once it is approved by the couple.
  5. On the day of, I arrive at the venue bright and early, even before the vendors come in. I overlook set-up,  set up place cards, lay out the favors and take care of the many many tiny details
  6. I come prepared with my emergency kit and faithful pink walkie talkies.
  7. I’m there to make sure that the bridal party and grooms side is taken care of and doesn’t have to worry about making sure the entrance runs smoothly, or the speeches start on time, or even having to worry about the family pictures are taken at the reasonable time.
  8. I do my best to blend in with the family and get to know them. I have learned it really helps with the coordinating process. it helps me to make sure that the couple has the best day of their life.
  9. Day of coordinator is defiantly worth it if you want your day to be stress free. The most important thing to me is peace of mind for the couple on their wedding day.
  10. I will strive to make your event an evening to remember for a life time of happiness.    

Now, lets talk about what you as a couple should expect from a Wedding Planner. Which couple qualifies for a wedding planner? The couple that works long hours or 5-6 days a week. These couples simply don’t have enough hours in a day to sit down with vendors,go to site visits, come up with creative ideas and inspiration for their wedding. They need a right hand. They need someone to sit through those long meetings and to execute ALL their ideas.

This job includes many factors;

  1. Venue search
  2. Budget analysis
  3. Sending out invites and keeping track of rsvp’s
  4.  Talk to the couple of what they want and then coming up with the design and feel of the wedding.
  5.  Recommend Vendors
  6.  Return calls and emails in a timely fashion. (Wedding planners are not expected to do this, but I allow my brides to be in contact with me 24/7.)
  7. Be Honest to the bride, always.
  8.  Expect your wedding planner to turn into your best friend & your therapist.
  9. A planner should be expected to know what steps to take in “so and so” situation. A planner will schedule your day according to your preferences and my experience.
  10.  Finally, I will strive to make your event an evening to remember for a life time of happiness. 

I hope this post was helpful to all! Comment below with questions or email me and i’ll be happy to answer them!

Happy Planning!  

xoxo-Khadejah Bhutta

*International Wedding & EventPlanner =)